Video Book Trailers

Video Book Trailers are a great way to promote your book. Whether your book is already out or you’re working on it, it doesn’t matter.  Contact me if you want a video book trailer for a nonfiction book. See these examples …

Divorce Done Easier

This is a 2.5-minute video trailer for an attorney who wrote this book to promote her law practice. It is all done using pictures and text.  It also includes lots of “movement” by using what’s called the “Ken Burns Effect”.

From Grief to Grace

This is a video book trailer for my own book.  It’s a “memoir with a message”.  See how it focuses on a single theme (potentially going blind) and builds from there.

 From Grace to Growth

You can create a video book trailer for a book you’re working on.  Use it to build interest before it’s published.  This is for a book I’m planning on finishing this fall.

Hand Me a Wrench, My Life is Out of Whack

This short trailer is for a self-help book by Laura Hansen. It starts by addressing a pain, then reveals how the book offers a solution.

 Results on a Rampage

This self-help book by Kellan Flickiger starts with a question to pull people in.  It then promises a solution.  Note the use of moving type to create a lot of energy with the words.